Saturday, September 3, 2011


First off I want to say Congratulations to my BFF for starting Herbalife yesterday! I am so excited for her!  She said she instantly felt better.

I've lost 6.6 lbs and today is 5 weeks since I started Herbalife.  What is most amazing is I lost the 0.6 lbs these last 2 days while I was on my period!  Sorry a bit TMI but who loses weight on their period ladies?!? Ummm probably no one!  I usually have really bad cramps and severe bloating, so I added some Tang Kuei from Herbalife which is supposed to help with PMS and relax smooth muscle (ease cramps).  I was a bit bloated but no where near what used to happen and I still had cramps but they were not as bad.  I really can't believe how much Herbalife helped with this, but I am so happy!

We got the Dutch Chocolate shake yesterday and I had a "banana split" shake for breakfast, it was so good.  We are going to the Tiger's game today so we might only have one shake today. 

Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!

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