Friday, August 26, 2011


Well I worked out last night when I got home from work, just a quick but effective 20min weight training workout (an on demand video from my cable).  This was a genius idea, why do I have to wake up at 645am to workout ? When I get bored waiting for 2hrs for Garrett to get home in the evenings. 
I came home had my Herbalife tea, went tanning, worked out, took a shower and was ready by the time he got home.  That tea kept me going until we went to Albert's and ate around 800.  I wasn't crabby and I had a lot of energy, but I was hungry.  I had 3/4 of the bbq bacon cheddar burger and some fries and a long island to drink.
I hope I can work out  2-3 times per week but I feel different about it now.  Before I felt like I HAD to work out and if I didn't I would feel really guilty.  But now my workouts are fun again because they are accelerating my weight loss not the only thing I'm doing to lose weight.  I feel so in control of my life and so happy knowing I'm doing something healthy and something that is actually working.  I've been working out for years and trying to eat right and that got me nowhere.  I just feel so good knowing I'm changing my life for the better.

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