Monday, August 1, 2011



 Today I woke up at 645am and went for a run.  1.22miles in 14min, yikes! This is horrible!  I've been stuck at this time for over a month now.  Then I walked the path, so I got 40min in.  I've been working out for years now, running more often since we moved (and I don't have a dog to bark when I leave and don't take him). 

  I'm always trying to eat good and have been working out 2-4 days a week for years and just been maintaining my weight not really loosing anything significant.  So I'm really hoping Herbalife will help me.

  I had a shake and tea for breakfast and a shake for lunch today.  I snacked on some frosted shredded wheat cereal throughout the day.  Which I needed because it feels weird not to chew and actually eat something.  But no headache and felt good today, not starving at all.  Made some hummus after work and ate some of that.  Then we had fish, mashed potatoes, spinach and some ice cream for dinner.

We went to Target tonight and got a scale.... He jumped on I'm a bit more apprehensive.  Just really don't want to see that number staring me in the face, good thing we didn't get the super bright display!  Well I think I'll post again in a week or so when I actually have something to report. 

Hope everyone has a good day!

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