Monday, August 22, 2011


Had a really great weekend!  My bff came over Sat and I made her a shake and some tea, she was pleasantly surprised on how great everything tasted.  I also gave her a multivitamin and a cell activator.  I talked to her the next day and she said she felt great and will be ordering the quick start this week!   : )
I am so happy and excited for her to start!

I started my cleanse on Sunday.  For those of you that know me well know I can't/won't swallow pills and I have crushed and drank some pretty gross stuff before to get medications down.  I've been adding the multivitamin and cell activator to my shakes everyday.  So I added the 2 am cleanse pills as well.  I can barely taste this stuff in my shakes, I swear.  I thought I could swallow the pm cleanse pills but I just wouldn't let myself, so I had to crush and drink them in some apple juice.  I'm not going to say it was delicious but this was by far the best tasting pill I've crushed and drank!  Probably because this stuff is all natural it does not have a weird medicine/chemical taste like other stuff I've done this to.  So that was a bit of a relief.  So far my poop schedule is normal, aka this cleanse didn't make me sit in the bathroom all day.

Yesterday we FINALLY went to the batting cages which made me so happy!!! and then we rode the go-karts, it was fun.  We also went to Albert's (we really love that place) on Friday an Sunday.  I had pizza on Sunday and it was sooo good! They have pretty good food there.

Having a great weekend made it extra hard to go to work today, but the day is almost over.  Hope you had a nice weekend as well!

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