Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well I'm down 3lbs. as of this morning!  Not as much as I was hoping for but its a start.  I guess when your losing weight the healthy way this is the way it should be.  Now if we can just stay on pace this weekend. 

We ordered more shake mix on Sunday night and thought it would arrive yesterday so I could have a shake for dinner, but it didn't! :( aaahhh (we'll never use UPS again, FedEx only now!), so I had a tuna sandwich.  No shake for breakfast it was weird I really wanted my shake. 

Some people might think having a shake for two meals a day is crazy but for me it's the best thing.  My breakfast was always unsatisfying and I was hungry by the time I got to work and it was always a struggle to pack a lunch so I usually ended up with a Lean Cuisine and you get sick of eating those after awhile.  So having two shakes is really easy for me not to mention time saving in the morning.  I'm really hoping the stuff is there when I get home I don't want to go shake-less today.

By lunch I was crazy get outta my way I gotta eat Hillary again :(
I have not been like this on Herbalife, I REALLY hope my package is on my porch when I get home!
I also feel like I have less energy without it.  If I wasn't a complete baby still at 27 and could swallow the vitamins I probably would feel better, but they only way I can get them down is in my shake.

Ahhh thank God the stuff was there when I got home! Had a shake for dinner, feeling much better!!!

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