Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well I should of gone for a run this morning but I couldn't get up at 645, when it rains I just wanna lay in bed all day!  So when I got up at 730 Garrett said "I thought you were waking up at 645".  Gggrrrr I tried!

I had a shake for breakfast and drank my tea iced on the way to work.  Didn't get hungry till about 1200 so I had a shake for lunch and some hummus and veggies for a snack.  I get OBSESSED with this hummus so I posted the recipe (there is a link on the right under recipes).  Its super easy to make because I can make it!  You can get everything at Meijer.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Still no headache or angry hungry Hillary!  Oh and TMI alert I have already pooped twice today (without activia or coffee).

Went to a friends to visit tonight and had some chili for dinner and I brought my tea along.  One medium size bowl and a small cookie and I was full.  I didn't need to eat anymore its pretty amazing.  Usually I would want to have seconds but I had one bowl and was satisfied. 

Watching the end of the Detroit Tigers game and going to bed... Valverde how about you don't walk anyone tonight!!!!!

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